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"Every child needs someone crazy about them."

- Dr. Salome Thomas-El

Award-winning teacher, principal, and author 


Dr. Salome Thomas-EL, aka Principal EL, is an award-winning principal and teacher, an internationally recognized speaker, and author/co-author of five best-selling books. Principal EL believes that resilient leaders make courageous decisions, take risks, and challenge the status quo. They are able to bounce back from adversity to become innovative and transformational to ensure all teachers and students achieve their dreams, no matter the odds. Transformational leaders shift mindsets and inspire others to effect change. In his thought-provoking presentations to over 100,000+ attendees, Principal EL shares how we can change school cultures and foster a positive school climate so teachers and leaders can focus on the protective processes that build resilience in all of our students.

Dr. Salome Thomas-EL most recently co-authored three books on leadership, school culture, and teacher retention in collaboration with Dr. Joseph Jones and Dr. T.J. Vari.

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Principal EL speaks all across the United States and around the world. Book him to speak here and watch him in action below. 

MESPA Conference

Capella University

TEDx Talk

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“Principal EL’s speeches are amazing and we love having him be a part of the work that Franklin Covey is doing around the world.  He has a unique way of motivating teachers and students alike that is unparalleled.  I wish we all could speak like him.”

- Sean Covey
New York Times bestselling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
Executive Vice President, Global Solutions and Partnerships, Franklin Cove

“Salome Thomas-EL's message to our community was truly inspirational.  The audience felt both appreciated for the work they had accomplished and energized to answer the call to action to make sure that all of our children have the opportunity to be successful.  This was, without exception, the best presentation I have seen in my 24-year career.”

- Scott Crane
President, United Way Quad Cities Area

“I don’t like keynotes, as I always feel like the speaker is trying to sell me something. I just watched the most amazing keynote with Principal EL! Never have I felt more honored to be a teacher. The only thing he sold me on is how important we are! Thank you sir!”

- James Wolf
Google Certified and Apple Teacher, Illinois

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